Orange County Trial Lawyers Association

The Orange County Trial Lawyers Association was formed in 1963 when plaintiffs’ attorneys got together to share information and to exchange various tips and strategies with one another. Today our organization is stronger than ever, with a clear dedication of our mission to promote quality representation of individual rights while educating, networking and supporting our membership. Below are just a few of the benefits our members enjoy:

Best Networking Opportunities in Orange County: It is now no secret that OCTLA is one of the most prominent bar organizations in Orange County. Join the numerous judges and top lawyers in Orange County who routinely attend our monthly dinner meetings.

Relevant and Interesting Educational Events: Not all MCLE educational events are created equal. The topics and speakers we provide each month will help you in your law practice. PLUS, every year, OCTLA hosts a members-only candid evaluation of all local judges, arbitrators, and mediators-information crucial to every trial lawyer’s practice. This benefit alone is worth the price of membership.

Informative Quarterly Magazine: From insightful interviews with Orange County Superior Court judges to practical articles vital to trial lawyers, you will not want to miss an issue; Interactive Website/Bulletin Board: To see all we now have to offer, log on to Some have said the most valuable feature of the website is our new members-only bulletin board which allows members to post questions regarding their cases and solicit responses from hundreds of fellow trial attorneys. The responses are usually immediate, numerous, and invaluable. It’s like having a large law firm at your fingertips; Weekly softball games; Annual golf tournament.

All attorneys engaged in trial practice in Orange County are encouraged to join OCTLA. With benefits like these, how can you afford not to join? For more information, visit our website at, or contact Janet Thornton at 949.916.9577 or 949.440.6700, ext. 258.