Orange County Jewish Bar Association

Shiry Tannenbaum - OCJBA Vice President
Richard Wilner - OCJBA Secretary
Brian Gurwitz - OCJBA Treasurer

In August 2009, President and Founder Jordon P. Steinberg of Minyard Morris LLP envisioned an Orange County Jewish Bar Association (“OCJBA”) and by February 2010, the vision became a reality.

The organization’s Mission Statement says it all, “Providing a social environment that will engender comradeship among its members, building upon the foundation of thousands of years of Jewish tradition steeped in the law (Torah), fostering the application of Jewish principles and morality, and committing good deeds (Mitzvot) and acts of kindness (Tzedakah) while practicing law and serving the community.”

The organization meets the first Tuesday of every month at Muldoon’s in Newport Beach located at 202 Newport Center Drive.  The OCJBA is eternally grateful to Ron Schwartz for hosting our meetings.  The meetings are open and all are welcome, Jewish or non-Jewish; you do not have to be a ‘member’ to attend.

As the OCJBA gains momentum, we invite all individuals interested to participate and share their knowledge, experience and vision with us.

For more information, please write to OCJBA, P.O. Box 6130, Newport Beach, CA  92658, visit the website or email Jordon P. Steinberg at